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Dana Warrior on her husband’s death: “He left just as fast as he ran down to the ring”

Dana Warrior, the widow of the late, Ultimate Warrior, remembers her husband, and spoke about his death while appearing on Talk Is Jericho recently.

“On that final weekend, it was so special. He came home, he was finally home, where he belonged. After we flew out and remembering the weekend while flying back, we just thought that everything that happened was so special. When he died, he died like a Warrior. He fought, he didn’t crumble. He went out strong. I hate that it happened, I hate it every day, but he went out like a warrior. I couldn’t have asked for more from WWE for doing what they did for my husband.”

Jericho then brought up if Warrior had any issues leading up to his death.

“No, it was a real shocker. The weird thing is that his grandfather and his father both passed away at that same age. It’s obviously some kind of genetic heart condition and I’m scared for my children. He lived such a clean diet, you should’ve seen the way that man ate. He was living a clean diet until he died. I’m a cook, so I always cooked. He had his chicken breasts, his lean steak, his salmon, and I loved making all of that for him. He would exercise so much, his body was in great shape. He had abs until the day he died. His body was his temple and that’s something I would tell everyone that if you have heart conditions in your family then you need to be on top of that. We had no idea about that. We were all tired at the end, but I didn’t think anything bad. I just thought we were all tired.”

“When it all happened, I was trying to get him up, but I couldn’t because I’m too small and that was all I was thinking when trying to get him up. When I was in the ER, I was blaming myself for not getting him up. When he died, the doctor told me that his heart attack was so massive that nothing could’ve been done to save him. He left just as fast as he ran down to the ring.”

She then pleaded with people to go get checked out so they will not have to experience something so devastating like losing someone close to you that way.

You can listen to this excellent interview here:

Dana Warrior talked about her husband’s death towards the end of the podcast, so you may want to skip ahead to that point.


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