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Dana White asked about Brock Lesnar on morning radio show

Dana White was on 103.5 The Fan this morning in Dallas, Texas and was asked about Brock Lesnar. He gave the only answer he could without getting into legal trouble. White said that he is sure that Lesnar will call him once his WWE contract expires. That is the same answer he's given in the last couple of weeks. Dave Meltzer noted again on today's Wrestling Observer radio that people in UFC have the impression that Brock is going back there.

People in WWE think that Brock will decide to stay with them so it will be very interesting to see what happens because one side will probably be unhappy after he makes his decision. If Brock stays with WWE then that pretty much closes the door on fighting since he is now in his late 30s.

As noted earlier, Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon have not agreed to terms on a new deal and neither side is willing to budge on negotiations. For more on that click here.

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