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Dana White claims he hasn't spoken to Brock Lesnar

Dana White told that he has not talked with Brock Lesnar. Keep in mind that Dana did say back in November that Brock has expressed interest in a return to UFC and Dana, days before announcing that CM Punk signed with the company, said that he'd love to talk to Punk. As we know now, he and Punk had been talking for a while and the deal for him to sign had already been done.

Dave Meltzer noted this week that people in WWE are under the assumption that Lesnar is headed back to UFC. Meltzer wrote, “The Lesnar people always keep things quiet, but within the company, the belief is that he’s going back to UFC, and his showing up lighter to TV last week confirmed that to people who thought it.”

As noted before, Bellator MMA President Scott Coker has also expressed interest in Brock Lesnar.

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