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Dana White comments on Brock Lesnar’s return to UFC, Ariel Helwani’s lifetime ban

TMZ Sports caught up with UFC President Dana White on Sunday morning in Los Angeles. They asked him about Brock Lesnar’s return to UFC at next month’s UFC 200 in Las Vegas. As previously noted, Lesnar’s deal is considered a one-off fight and he will be wrestling at SummerSlam in August. Regarding Lesnar’s return, White said, “I think it doesn’t suck, that’s what I think.”

Regarding a possible Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, “No, it ain’t happening.” He says that Mayweather has never called him about that fight.

White also told TMZ Sports that Ariel Helwani will never receive another media credential to a UFC event “as long as I’m here.” As far as the lifetime ban from UFC events, White said, “He can cover all the events he wants, he just can’t have a credential.”

White also said that Helwani can go to UFC 200 as long as he buys a ticket.


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