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Dana White comments on why Brock Lesnar was at UFC 184 and Brock’s WWE status

Dave Meltzer asked Dana White about Brock Lesnar’s status during the UFC 184 post-fight press conference.

White said that Brock Lesnar is a UFC fan and wanted to attend the fight. In regards to reports that Brock may leave WWE to go back to UFC, White gave his standard response and said that Brock is under contract with WWE but when his contract expires he’s sure Brock will call him.

So there’s your answer. I wouldn’t expect Dana to say anything else since they probably wouldn’t be allowed legally to negotiate with Brock while he’s under his WWE deal. I’m sure there have been at least some informal talks though. Brock and Dana seemed very happy when they were talking during the show.

Brock’s current deal with WWE expires on the day after WrestleMania 31. The last word is that Brock was not happy about the terms offered to him for his new deal with WWE so it is very much a possibility that Brock will be done with pro wrestling in a few weeks.


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