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Daniel Bryan and William Regal show huge respect for each other on social media

dbry william regal

William Regal has a huge hand in finding top talent and bringing them into WWE. Some current Superstars can credit him for not only being instrumental in securing their spot with Vince McMahon and Company but he has also had a hand in training a number of Superstars as well.

Regal has a mind for the business many veterans with decades more experience don't even possess which is evident by not only the way he carries himself but in the decisions he makes as a representative of WWE.

But one person he did not have a hand in training was Daniel Bryan. For some reason, certain fans are under this assumption but the NXT General Manager recently took to Twitter in order to clear up that misconception.

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While putting Bryan over big time, Regal explained that he trained with him a lot from the year 2000 on but he did not train Bryan. That honor goes to Shawn Michaels and everyone who worked at his camp while he ran it.

But just because William Regal wasn't Daniel Bryan's trainer doesn't mean the Bearded GOAT has any less respect for Sir William Regal. Daniel Bryan replied where he admitted while Shawn and Rudy trained him he wouldn't have been nearly as successful if he hadn't been able to rely on Regal for his supreme mentorship.

It's amazing when pro wrestlers show this kind of respect for each other and it is much deserved in both instances.