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Daniel Bryan comments on when he plans to retire



WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan knows what it’s like to have his pro wrestling career taken away from him. Thus, with that experience and such a strong passion for the business, he has a lofty goal when it comes to his future in wrestling.

After being out of in-ring action for two years, he made his long-awaited return to the ring in April 2018 when he teamed up with Shane McMahon and battle Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a tag team match at WrestleMania 34.

While doing a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan made it known that he has no plans to retire from wrestling.

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"There are people who say, ‘I only want to do this for three or four more years,’ or ‘I only want to do this until I’m 45,’. No. I want to do this until I’m 70. Months before I die, I want to be doing a wrestling show. I won’t be able to do the stuff I do now, but I want to go out and do this thing I’ve been passionate about wrestling my entire life. I want to do that my whole life."