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Daniel Bryan could be turning heel for a very interesting reason

Daniel Bryan is in a program right now where he’s trying to play middleman between the Yep Movement and Shane McMahon. It looks like Byran is demonstrating some much-needed passion on the microphone for a change and very well could be gearing up for some kind of shift in his character.

As he butts heads with McMahon, Bryan seems to be turning people toward the side of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s Yep Movement. The fact is the SmackDown Live fanbase loves both Daniel Byran and Shane McMahon, but if they had to choose between one this could result in a sticky situation. People might cheer for “the wrong person” and send the story into a tailspin. Therefore The Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculates WWE might turn Daniel Bryan full heel but there could be a two-fold reason for this and one of them isn’t very nice to hear.

The thought is that WWE could be turning Daniel Bryan heel as a way to damage his worth if he winds up leaving WWE. It looks like the thought might be if WWE pushes Daniel Bryan to the limit as a bad guy during his last stretch with the company it will hurt his value to the fans.

After all, Daniel Bryan said that he’ll be leaving WWE when his contract is up if they won’t let him wrestle. But would people pay less to see a Daniel Bryan who left WWE as a hated heel? They might just love and respect him even more as one of the best in the world who is still willing to put his body on the line and entertain crowds of people while doing the thing he loves the most.

Only time will tell, but presently, it looks like WWE could be turning D-Bry heel so we’ll just have to see how far this goes or if people just cheer for whatever Daniel Bryan does anyway.

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