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Daniel Bryan could still leave WWE in a few months

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Daniel Bryan could still leave WWE in a few months

Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring is one of the biggest stories of 2018. He is back on the road full-time and he is being featured as one of the top guys on the Smackdown brand. It’s funny how there were so many rumors about Bryan going back to the independent scene just a couple of months ago.

Well, those rumors are going to heat up again in a couple of months because Bryan has yet to sign a new WWE deal. His current contract expires on September 1st, the same day as the big ALL IN show in Chicago that is being financed by The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes.

On Chris Jericho’s podcast, Bryan talked about the possibilities on the independent scene and it was something he thought about before he was cleared. He even joked about showing up in a mask at the ALL IN show and then revealing himself at midnight on 9/2 because that would be when he would be officially free and clear from his WWE contract. During the interview, Bryan never said that he agreed to a new deal and did not say that he intends to sign a new deal.

If he leaves WWE he could still make good money on the independent scene and he’ll be able to set his own schedule, which would mean that he could spend more time at home with his family and there would be less wear and tear on his body.

We should know more in just a few months. It seems more likely that he would want to stay with WWE but this is the wrestling business and anything can happen.

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