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Daniel Bryan injured again? Is Sting backstage at Raw? APA update, Zeb Colter update

Daniel Bryan was said to be heavily favoring his arm at the house show in Abilene, Texas Saturday. According to fans at the show, Bryan was having trouble doing the “YES” chant with the left arm and was favoring the arm during the match even though Kane was not working on the arm in the match. Hopefully this was just Bryan selling his arm or just something minor from a bump he took and not a legit injury.

Zeb Colter noted on twitter that his recovery from recent surgery went well and hopes to be back soon. Colter’s storyline reason for being off TV is that he was attacked by Rusev.

There is no sign of Sting backstage at Raw. People at the show have not seen him. There was some speculation that he could, perhaps, be on the show since he lives in Dallas. Of course, if he was going to appear on the show i’m sure WWE would do everything to keep him hidden so we’ll see.

There will be an APA reunion on the show tonight.

As I first noted on Saturday, there will be something done with the New Age Outlaws and The Ascension on the show tonight to help get The Ascension over.

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