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Daniel Bryan feels that he is letting the fans down by not wrestling right now

During a recent interview with The Statesman, former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan talked about his frustrations with suffering two major concussions in back-to-back years. Bryan suffered a concussion during WWE’s European tour in April of this year and has not wrestled since.

“My wife (Brie Bella) is a wrestler, so she is on the ring, and I am just sitting, it is difficult,” Bryan told The Statesman publication in New Delhi. “When I am upset, when I am angry, wrestling was always there as an outlet. … You can call your mom, and you can call your sister, but sometimes you just need a physical outlet. I don’t know how to cope with this situation.”

Bryan also feels frustrated because he feels he is letting the fans down by not wrestling.

“I think the frustrating part for me with the injuries is feeling like I’ve almost let the fans down because they’re the ones who pushed me to the super high level,” Bryan told “They were the ones who, without them, I would’ve never gotten here. They were the ones who wanted it so bad, so it’s almost like, I feel like I let them down.”

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