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Daniel Bryan knew before WrestleMania that he was leaving WWE, the latest on his future

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Daniel Bryan’s exit from WWE on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer noted how Daniel Bryan said in promos that WrestleMania 37 could be his last.

Word was starting to get out amongst people in WWE by Saturday that he was no longer under contract. Meltzer said, “I knew something was up on Saturday because I had asked somebody, ‘so where’s he going? Raw, NXT, or what’s the deal?’ I got an interesting message on that. It was basically a message that kind of said — it talked some about that maybe he’s gonna leave which made me believe that his contract was coming due and he did an interview just a couple of days ago where he said everybody thinks my contract is due in September because he signed [his last deal] in September…whatever it is, it was until April 30.”

Meltzer added, “I guess he was gonna give them [until] right after WrestleMania in 2021, which is why all those promos were that this could be my last WrestleMania because his contract was coming due…the agreement was that he would go through this WrestleMania….yea, he’s a free agent. He can go anywhere he wants tomorrow…”

In regards to speculation on where he might go, it sounds like Bryan hasn’t told anybody. Meltzer said, “If anyone tells you that they know, they are lying to you.”

Meltzer added, “he may know right now…if he knows, I would be very secure to say that his wife knows.” Meltzer added that Bryan could still show up in WWE but he could show up elsewhere.

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