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Daniel Bryan on AEW, why he hates New Yorkers, is Brie Bella really retired?

We caught up with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in New York City ahead of WrestleMania 35 as the media frenzy continues for WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Bryan tells us he is feeling good for his upcoming match with Kofi Kingston. “Physically, I feel great. Other than that, I hate New York City.” He continued, “New York City is the worst. The people in New York City are also the worst.”

Bryan said NYC used to look beautiful until New Yorkers ruined it with pollution, cars and wall-to-wall traffic.

We asked Bryan who he wanted to face that he hasn’t had to step in the ring within WWE. “There’s interesting people. There’s people like Shawn Michaels who came out of retirement. I really wanted to face Kurt Angle. I’ve really wanted to face Cesaro in a championship program. There are so many people in WWE that I look at and I’m like ‘these guys are great.’ New guys [like] Ricochet and Aleister Black.”

Bryan put over the entire roster and said WWE’s current roster is the most talented in history when it comes to in-ring performers.

Bryan also gave his thoughts on AEW becoming competition for WWE. “I’m a big believer that competition is good for everybody. I think the more excited that you get people for wrestling, for our business – whether it’s for us or for somebody else, I think that it’s great. It builds up the business for everybody.”

He also talked about Brie Bella’s retirement. It seems like she plans on staying retired but the door could be open for a return. Bryan said, “I think she has moments when she wants to come back and I think she has moments when she’s happy she’s retired.”

Bryan noted that part of her wants to be out there when she sees that the women area headlining WrestleMania.

Bryan will defend his WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 against Kofi Kingston. We’ll have complete real-time coverage here on

Check out the interview below:

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