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Daniel Bryan reacts to Kurt Angle's return to the ring at WWE TLC



Kurt Angle's return to the ring was considered a success. Was he slower than before? Yes. But the point of the match was not for Angle to do any crazy spots. They made sure to limit all of the bumps he took and the word backstage was that he was feeling good so that is a success. His back and neck were certainly on the minds of the fans in attendance and the fans watching at home. But now that Angle is back in the ring, there are questions about a potential Daniel Bryan return.

In wrestling, the old saying is "never say never" but I would not bet on Bryan wrestling in WWE again even though Angle was cleared to return on Sunday night. Angle's issues were more about the substance abuse problems he had due to pain in his neck and back. Bryan's issues are concussion-related and as long as there is the potential liability with concussion lawsuits, I don't think there's any way that Vince McMahon can justify putting him in the ring again.

However, as you can see in the tweet below, Bryan still seems to think that there is a chance. I guess time will tell. But if he doesn't step into the ring within the next few months then he'll likely leave when his contract expires in September. Angle has already indicated that he will wrestle again when he gets in better shape and Bryan is set on wrestling again within the next year so 2018 will be very interesting.

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