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Daniel Bryan removed from WWE’s active roster

WWE made a change on their website in the last 24-48 hours that may signal to fans that he is done as an active wrestler.

Per the roster page, he is now listed on the alumni section and no longer part of the active roster. When wrestlers are moved to the alumni section, it’s usually a sign that they are no longer with the company. WWE wrote Bryan out of SmackDown storylines on Friday night when he lost to Roman Reigns. Per the match stipulation, Bryan is now “banished” from SmackDown since he was unable to win the Universal Championship.

There is always a possibility that this is a work that will lead to Bryan jumping to Monday Night Raw or NXT but it is worth noting that Bryan’s contract is due to expire in a few months and he has indicated that he would like to wrestle for other companies. Bryan also said in a recent interview that he tried to get out of his WrestleMania match because he felt the match was better as a singles match between Edge and Reigns and he was mentally checked out during the match at Mania.

Again, there is still some time left on his deal and there’s still a chance that he will be brought back but the recent change on indicates that he may be done.

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