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Daniel Bryan reportedly very angry after his Royal Rumble elimination

Shaheen, co-host of The Hot Tag podcast, noted he was right by the guerrilla position last night at the Royal Rumble and said that Daniel Bryan walked by him and the people he was with. He said that Bryan clearly heard and acknowledged them.

He said that Bryan looked “super pissed” like Bret Hart looked at Survivor Series 97 when he was screwed. He said that Bryan literally looked for 2 seconds with his hands on his hips with a blank look on his face, ignored everyone and walked right out.

“Forget all of the kayfabe…he was pissed.” He said this was interesting and that there were maybe 30 people that saw this and he was not selling for the camera since there were on cameras filming him.

As noted earlier today, Dave Meltzer noted this morning that there were changes made during the show and even though they knew that the crowd would react negatively the company freaked out just how bad the reaction was at the end of the show for Roman Reigns.


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