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Daniel Bryan says he could beat Mike Jackson in UFC; Jackson responds

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Daniel Bryan was on Instagram with his wife Brie Bella and the subject of CM Punk's UFC 225 loss to Mike Jackson became a point of conversation. Bryan said he believed he could beat Mike Jackson on the ground. Nikki Bella said, "prove it" off camera and then Bryan replied: “If WWE were to let me fight in the UFC, then maybe.”

It seems like this little off-handed comment could have landed in a big way and might result in something real down the line because Jackson didn't like what Bryan said at all.

Mike Jackson replied saying: "Hey Daniel Bryan, don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash. You don't want to get potatoed like your mans did at UFC 225."

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This certainly sounds like fighting words to us and the reply he received was interesting as Daniel Bryan literally replied: "Interesting" with a little pondering emoji included to illustrate what thinking looks like.

As unlikely as it sounds to see those two have it out in an official manner, never count out Vince McMahon's ability to cross-promote like a mad scientist. WWE's history is full of outstanding moments where athletes from other sports and celebrities of all kinds attended WWE events in order to get down and dirty with the WWE Superstars.

CM Punk might have emerged victorious from his legal battle but it might be in WWE's character to sign the guy who beat him days later to some kind of a deal. Dana White criticized Jackson after his win over CM Punk so UFC might be more than happy to let him come over to WWE in order to make a payday.

Only time will tell if Mike Jackson really steps in the ring with Daniel Bryan, but you can probably place safe money on betting WWE wouldn't allow Daniel Bryan to fight in the Octagon. After all, it took a miracle and two years of waiting for The Bearded GOAT to make his in-ring return in the first place.