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Daniel Cormier comments on potentially signing with WWE

Former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier joined Konnan’s Keepin it 100 podcast where he talked about a wide range of topics including what would have to happen for him to join WWE.

Cormier is a big wrestling fan and has expressed his interest in making the jump to the world of pro wrestling whether that be a wrestler, manager or analyst. 

Cormier, who is a good friend of Cain Velasquez as they were AKA training partners, stated that he’s had conversations with a lot of people about doing various things with the company. 

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people about different things with WWE. One was the studio show in LA (WWE Backstage). Another one was maybe trying to figure out a way to be on the commentary table. I’ve got some great relationships with FOX so I don’t necessarily know if it was WWE pushing it or FOX pushing it.”

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Cormier added, “I’ve talked to Triple H and Michael Cole, I’ve talked to the people who run the shows down at FOX. I like to say the ship has not sailed. We still have to find something that works and the moment we find something that works, I’m all in.”

Cormier would pitch a storyline where he would turn on Cain that would lead to a one-off match for one night only. He added that after the match, he would go to manage his good friend. 

You can listen to the entire clip by clicking on the player below: