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Daniel Cormier reveals what Seth Rollins texted him about his upcoming fight with Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins had some interesting comments for UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier after his win at UFC 226 earlier this month.

“DC” defeated Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 226 on pay-per-view (PPV) on July 7, 2018. After the fight, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar entered the Octagon after getting called out by the former Olympian, and the pair engaged in a shoving match. Later on that night UFC President Dana White revealed that Cormier vs. Lesnar is the next UFC heavyweight title fight he will make.

Cormier recently spoke to Instinct Culture about his win over Miocic, the upcoming fight with Lesnar and an interesting text message he received from WWE Superstar Seth Rollins shortly after his win:

“Maybe that’s why he’s so mad at me, huh?” Cormier said. “Because I’m friends with Seth Rollins. I got a text message from Seth right after the fight, he goes ‘Congratulations, now go kick Brock’s [Lesnar] ass!’ And that’s what I’m going to do.”

“DC” then discussed what was going through his mind during the entire debacle with Lesnar inside the Octagon. He compared it to having his own “WrestleMania moment”:

“I was really thinking, I’m like, I’m having a WrestleMania moment.” Cormier said. “(Laughing) That was going through my head, I’m like ‘I’m having a real WrestleMania moment,’ and it was awesome. It was awesome. I was having so much fun being in there. From the fight, getting the two belts – and the only way Dana [White] could stop us, was by handing me a second title. Because now it was time for pictures, and he did that and I was like ‘Okay Brock, get out.’


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