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Daniel Cormier welcomed Matt Riddle as his guest this week on the DC & RC podcast. Cormier also talked about his experience at Extreme Rules:

"I was in the back and I was nervous because obviously, you know the outcome. I started forgetting the match. I was like, oh my goodness. So I kept having to ask questions. I was so nervous, bro. But once I walked out there, it was so fun. The energy of the crowd is like second to none. I fought in front of bigger crowds than I was in front of last weekend, but ultimately that's just, it's a shoot. I'm going to just fight. It is gonna be what it's gonna be, but to remember all the points of what you're supposed to do in the match, dude, it was amazing. Then I got fans heckling me. They're calling me Carl Winslow in there. They're messing with me. They said, 'DC, climb up the cage.' I'm standing in the bottom like, I'm not going up there with these dudes. They're up there actually wrestling on that little ledge bro. I was like, this is crazy. Then when Riddle jumped off the top, I was like man, I couldn't believe that I was actually in that moment. I don't know how much you pay attention, but then Bray Wyatt returned right after so we were like the closer to a massive moment, but my favorite part was I got to essentially be Herb Dean."

Cormier on if he will be doing more in WWE:

"I came home and my partner in my barbershop was at my house. He was like, 'Man, you look a lot bigger on TV.' I was like, 'The TV adds a few pounds and the stripes didn't help', but that vision is why I'm gonna lose weight. That visual is why your boy is going to lose weight. So they're talking to me about doing future things in WWE and I go, I will do things but I gotta get in shape first. Give your boy some time to get some of this baggage off this luggage."

Riddle was asked how he feels Cormier performed in his match:

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"I think everybody performed well. I personally think DC did a great job reffing, but I think he's bigger and stronger and better than just reffing. I think DC should lace up some boots and step into the squared circle.

Riddle on comparing the energy wrestling as opposed to fighting in MMA:

"I'd say this. The energy is a little different because I'd say in professional wrestling, I'm kinda like the composer. I am like the artist that’s painting. I know what I'm expecting the crowd to do when I do it and stuff like that. I know when I'm gonna get those reactions or at least I'm planning on those reactions if I do my job right. While I was in mixed martial arts, you never know what's gonna happen, but even in my career, I was always going for those fight of the night, those epic moments, those Rocky Balboa slugfests, both guys bleeding and the crowd roaring. They're different, of course, but those are the similarities. I'm trying to get that crowd up. I'm trying to get them to roar. I'm trying to feel that energy to push me to go harder and stronger."

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