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During today's Talk Is Jericho, Jason Eisener and Evan Husney said that there will be another season of Dark Side of the Ring. A while back there were rumors about the show ending but they confirmed that this is not the case and they were busy on the Tales From the Territories show.

"Oh, yeah, definitely," Husney said about DSOTR returning. "It's really interesting because when we decided to do Tales From the Territories which was in the making since 2019, we finally got the opportunity to do it. When Vice picked it up, it was like, Okay, well, this was going to occupy that space after season three to really focus on this, and to produce it, and to get it off the ground and kind of establish what it is so it can kind of live on its own eventually. We had no intention of stopping doing Dark Side."

Husney said, "We just needed to put the focus on this show. Like, if we were doing both at the same time, one would probably suffer a little bit because of it."

Eisner said, "It’s their top show. There’s no reason to stop it.”

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Eisner joked about being mentioned in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter when rumors started about DSOTR coming to an end but Eisner and Husney were clear that the show is returning.

Husney said, "It's in talks right now. Everyone is gonna hear something real soon. We're just kind of getting that machine going again so stay tuned but definitely not going anywhere for sure. It's definitely here to stay."

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