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Dark Side of the Ring teaser: Ultimate Warrior’s first wife says he was acting erratic after WrestleMania VI, infidelity led to the end of their marriage

As noted earlier, Shari Tyree, the first wife of The Ultimate Warrior, was interviewed for the Dark Side of the Ring episode that will air this Thursday night on Vice TV.

A clip posted on the DSOTR Twitter account features Tyree talking about Warrior’s “erratic” behavior just a couple of months after he won the WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan.

She says Warrior became disconnected with her and “he seemed altered. I didn’t see anything but he definitely was not well.”

Tyree said she tried calling him and she didn’t hear from him so she asked for a wellness check to be done. Later, she said that when he finally answered the phone she heard a girl’s voice and when she went through his day planner, she found that he had a different girl listed for different towns.

As noted earlier, Dana Warrior does not appear to be happy about this documentary because she called it “smut and filth” on Instagram. Tyree, who was with Warrior for around 10 years, tried to shop a memoir in 2008.

Here is the pitch for the book that was sent out in 2008:

“For the very first time, the wife of a professional wrestling star speaks out. Shari Tyree was married for ten years to Jim Hellwig, known as the Ultimate Warrior, and saw him through his meteoric rise, and bizarre fall from the pinnacle of WWE.

Warrior packed the aisles, and was a merchandising boom to pro wrestling. Fans, known as ‘Little Warriors’ screamed and cheered, and then were left baffled by his abrupt disappearance at the height of his success. Only Shari Tyree knows the stunning truth behind the Warrior’s face paint. Hellwig was a man possessed by demons, abusing steroids to achieve his massive, muscular frame, and then pain medications and anti-anxiety drugs to quell his fears, who had led a secretive double life that filled his marriage with turmoil and doubts about his fidelity, and even his sexuality. The avowed anti-homosexual avenger and anti-drug advocate battled with his own duality, and became the engine of his own destruction.

Behind the Paint chronicles Helwig’s early career as a bodybuilder, and his stunning rise in pro wrestling, the excesses of success beyond imagination, his battles with Vince McMahon and the private life no fan could have guessed at.

Hellwig continues to be a media personality, even outside the wrestling ring, making frequent personal appearances to espouse his anti-gay, anti-drug ideals.”

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