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Dash Wilder fires back at fan who says Chad Gable has no charisma



Dash Wilder fired back at a fan on Twitter for saying fellow WWE Superstar Chad Gable has no charisma.

It's no secret within WWE that Gable should be higher up the ladder in the company but although Vince McMahon likes him, he apparently doesn't see him as anything more than a lower-card wrestler who wrestles at the live events and on Main Event and occasionally appears on TV.

The Twitter exchange happened when Wilder said the following about Gable: "Chad Gable is a freak of nature. His natural talent is amazing, but somehow his discipline & work ethic surpasses that. Watching him from his first match in NXT until now is unbelievable. We’ve probably wrestled him literally hundreds of times by now & he always makes us better."

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A fan on Twitter chimed in: "He has no charisma unfortunately."

Wilder fired back: "You’re an absolute fool. He has more charisma in his pinky than most do in their whole body. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Know facts before speaking."

I don't know when Gable's contract expires but he will have some leverage when it comes time for contract talks and there is no doubt that All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and other wrestling companies would be interested in signing him.

Although it's not said publicly, many people in WWE feel that he should go elsewhere so he can be pushed as a star. Guys like Cody Rhodes and Jon Moxley are examples of how to become a star outside of WWE and Gable has that potential.

Check out Wilder's tweets below: