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Dash Wilder responds after WWE teases more humiliation for The Revival

Revival Uso

After last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, some fans were left wondering if the new direction for The Revival was a result of them not signing new contracts.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder had a meeting with Vince McMahon a few hours before Raw went live and they each turned down $500,000/year offers to stay with the company. Many expect them to sign with All Elite Wrestling in early 2020 when their contracts expire.

Instead of being treated as a serious tag team, they are now being portrayed as comedy heels that fans should make fun of. The new direction began on Monday when The Usos played a video of Dash Wilder shaving Scott Dawson's back. That led to "shave your back" chants later in the night during The Revival's match against Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater.

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On the Raw preview page, there's an interesting line that comes across as a threat. Is WWE blurring the lines between reality and fiction?

Check out what was written (key parts in bold):

"Okay, so the headline shouldn’t have been that The Revival shave each other’s backs in the shower, but the mildly embarrassing footage obtained by The Usos was still enough to unman the “Top Guys” when all was said and done. The Usos now have a psychological edge in this young rivalry, and in order to catch up to their rivals, the former Raw Tag Team Champions have to either develop thicker skin or finish out their business between the ropes in a way they couldn’t this past week against Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins in what was otherwise a very impressive performance. In other words, this could be the beginning of a whole new Revival or the first humiliation of many. The choice is up to them."

It sure sounds like WWE is teasing more humiliation for Dawson and Wilder unless they sign the contract but, of course, WWE has plausible deniability and they can say this is just the planned creative direction.

Wilder picked up on it and commented on Twitter: