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Dasha Gonzalez on the difference between WWE and AEW, her thoughts on the women's division

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling broadcaster/ring announcer Dasha Gonzalez is the guest this week on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast.

Gonzalez was on the show to talk about her ring announcing, her aspirations to be a pro wrestler and why wrestling didn't work out, her WWE tryout, overzealous fans, how she got the spot on The Rock's "Titan Games," how she ended up with AEW and much more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

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What are the differences between WWE and AEW: “Being on the announce side, everyone has always been cool with me, but the creative freedom in AEW is something that is so appealing and all the talent loves that. Being able to have an idea, putting out the idea and get positive feedback, or negative feedback, but having that creativity allows them to grow their characters. Just the overall vibe is so chill and so cool that I really appreciate that.”

Dasha talked about the AEW Women’s Division: “They are all great in their own aspects. It’s sad to see online people bashing them. Well, it’s totally different. It is a new company and everyone is getting to know each other and building that chemistry and stuff like that. I see great things coming from the women’s division. With time, everything happens with time. Even with WWE, the women’s revolution, how many decades did they go when women weren’t even given a chance. These women are being given a chance. Give them a second to figure it out and they will knock it out of the park. Everything is a learning curve. The cool thing here is there is a support system. I always remind people that a lot of the people in WWE have the performance center and they train and build that chemistry prior to even having a match. These women here are like, ok, we are having this match. They don’t have the time to build that chemistry. The cool thing is protocol is being put in place to help them now to get that chemistry and build that chemistry and talk to each other as well as have school sessions and review tape. So, everything with time. AEW has only been on TV since October of 2019. People forget that. 2019. That’s nothing and you’re comparing this with the biggest company in sports entertainment. They weren’t ready in 8 months. Everything happens in time.”

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