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Daughter of a WWE Hall Of Famer makes her debut at Thursday's NXT tapings



Rachael Ellering made her WWE debut at Thursday night's NXT tapings in Winter Park, Florida. Ellering is the daughter of legendary manager Paul Ellering. Her match with Alexa Bliss will air on May 11.

She is one of many students from Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy to make it to WWE and she's only been wrestling for about a year.

Thanks to Al Haft for the following info:

Photos from Rise of a Queen at the Team Vision Dojo (second photo of Raquel beating Ellering):

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First shot of Aaron Solo (Bayley's boyfriend) diving over Ellering:

Fourth shot of Hero and Ellering preparing:

Rachael Ellering will be wrestling TNA Knockout Raquel next Saturday, May 7 for I Believe in Wrestling.

Raquel is another of many training at the Dojo in Orlando.