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Photo Credit: ABC TV/Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Dave Bautista rips Disney for firing ‘Guardians 3’ director James Gunn

Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista has made it clear that he is not happy about the decision to fire director James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy.

A Twitter user asked Bautista if he would return to the Disney franchise after he was fired when someone uncovered old offensive tweets on Gunn’s account from years ago.

Bautista wrote, “I will do what Im legally obligated to do but @Guardians without @JamesGunn is not what I signed up for. GOTG w/o @JamesGunn just isn’t GOTG. Its also pretty nauseating to work for someone who’d empower a smear campaign by fascists #cybernazis. That’s just how I feel.”

Bautista is not the only one from the cast expressing his frustration but he has been the most vocal on social media.

The cast has already penned a letter of support for Gunn but there’s no word on if Disney is considering his reinstatement. It remains to be seen if Gunn’s work will be seen in the third film that is set for a 2020 theatrical release.

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