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Dave Meltzer explains what really went on backstage between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette in TNA

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the protection order filed by Vince Russo against Jim Cornette. Meltzer echoed the sentiment of many that feel that this is all a publicity stunt.

He told the story of Cornette’s run in TNA when Dixie Carter was still running the company. Later, Russo was brought in and Cornette made it clear that he did not want to work with him and told management that he would leave. Cornette was talked into staying and both men worked together for a while. Russo apparently pretended to be friends with Cornette while talking behind his back to Carter. He would give made up memos to Carter from people ripping Cornette. The funny thing is that one of the people he claimed that one of the memos were from was somebody that is friends with Cornette. Russo then went to Carter and said that she should hire Ed Ferrara but Ferrara would not take the job unless she got rid of Cornette. Carter took his advice and got rid of Cornette. Ferrara did not last long there.

Meltzer told the story about Spike not being happy about Russo being involved with the show. Carter still hired him and kept it a secret but when Spike found out, that is when they made the decision to drop TNA. They had other reasons to drop them but the stuff with Russo was the last straw for them.

A clip of Meltzer and Alvarez’ conversation on Russo and Cornette can be heard below. You can listen to everything at (subscription highly recommended).

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