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Dave Meltzer fires back at Corey Graves over Mauro Ranallo tweet

Dave Meltzer Corey Graves Mauro Ranallo

Dave Meltzer has fired back at Corey Graves after Graves claimed that Meltzer was pushing a false narrative on the situation with Mauro Ranallo.

Graves' tweet at Meltzer seemed odd considering that Graves made the situation public by tweeting about Ranallo and many people realized that Ranallo had deleted his Twitter account by Sunday afternoon before the Survivor Series pay-per-view and before Meltzer had said anything on the subject.

Ranallo's best friend and manager, Frank Shamrock, was one of many who were not happy about Graves publicly criticizing someone he works with and someone who he could have spoken with face-to-face since they would have been in the same building on Sunday night for Survivor Series. The situation is worse considering that everyone in WWE knows of Ranallo's mental health issues and a critical tweet from a co-worker that would cause fans to verbally attack Ranallo is the last thing he needs. That doesn't mean Ranallo is immune to criticism but it's hard to go against the argument that the best thing Graves could have done was to speak with him privately.

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Meltzer tweeted, "Now that we're on day three of this, you could at least apologize to Mauro, show a slight bit of remorse, take down the tweet, all of the above. When you mess someone up on your own team, don't think only about yourself first, second and last."

As of this writing, Graves has not addressed his tweet from Saturday night. No word on if he plans on issuing an apology. Ranallo is still scheduled to call the action on Wednesday night on the weekly NXT TV show.

For anyone who wants to catch up on what went down this weekend that led to Ranallo to leave Twitter, click here.