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Dave Meltzer on Chad Gable: "I would strongly recommend him leaving" WWE



WWE's roster continues to grow and, as they continue to sign more talent from the independent scene and elsewhere, it gets harder for the current main roster mid-card talent to stand out. Chad Gable wrestles at live events but he hasn't been featured in a dedicated storyline since he was drafted to Monday Night Raw a few months ago.

During the latest Wrestling Observer audio show, Dave Meltzer talked about Gable and suggested that it might be time to leave and do what Cody Rhodes did. Rhodes was underutilized but has quickly become one of the hottest names on the independent scene.

"Of all the guys in that company, I would never recommend anyone necessarily leaving," Meltzer said. "But I would strongly recommend him leaving it's not even funny. He needs to get out of there. He is so talented. If he left, he would do great and he is an ex-Olympian. He would do freaking great. Then [WWE] would probably want him back and they would respect him a lot more."

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Meltzer mentioned how Gable and Jay White both broke in the business around the same time and White is a good wrestler and he has started to really come into his own with his persona. White continues to make a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling while Gable has faded on WWE's main roster. The sad part is that Gable is arguably a better wrestler than White and he can show his personality if creative allows him.

"I don't see Chad Gable," Meltzer said, "I don't even know where he is anymore. I know he's on the roster and I know he's working house shows but it's like he's non-existent."

At this point, there is nothing indicating that WWE has a storyline for him for SummerSlam. Perhaps Meltzer is right and Gable should try to build his name outside of WWE for the next couple of years.