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Davey Boy Smith Jr shares interesting similarity between his father and Bruce Lee

davey boy smith and jr

"The British Bulldog" was taken from us far too soon when he passed away at the age of 39-years-old but he was still able to accomplish a lot during his time on this earth and created a legacy that lasts to this day.

The British Bulldog's son is currently working in Japan and finding a lot of success as a member of Suzuki-gun in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but he remembers his father fondly and will never forget him.

November 27th, 2018 would have been Davey Boy Smith's 55th birthday if he were still alive today. Dave Boy Smith Jr sent out a touching tribute to his late father expressing how The British Bulldog is still greatly missed by his family and friends.

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He also shared something rather interesting about The Bulldog and it's that he shares a birthday with Bruce Lee, the same legend WWE Studios just produced "Birth Of A Dragon" about.

Perhaps it's time to consider giving The British Bulldog his own film? It might not be a very happy one in parts, but it could be translated into an inspiring story nonetheless. Davey Boy's induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame would be a nice cherry on top of the story, just saying.

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