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David Arquette says Vince McMahon was upset with him for going off script during 2010 WWE Raw appearance



David Arquette appeared on this week's "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" to discuss why he has continued his wrestling career, his thoughts on being an independent wrestler, his backyard training, and working with WWE and AEW.

Arquette talking about why he has wrestled more than just one match as opposed to just a single celebrity appearance:

“I wanted to find out why the fans got so mad at me. I wanted to figure out what wrestling is. Also, I just wanted to experience it and go to my hotel room and it not be there.”

On if he was being booked like an independent wrestler:

“It was a little bit different because I was shooting the documentary," Arquette said.

"If I am using the footage then I wouldn’t be paid, sometimes I would. There were a few places that treated me right. Even though I am a former champion, I was a green wrestler."

"I took a different approach to it. If you come in with all these demands, it just takes away from it all.”

Arquette on what he did with the ring he had in his backyard to train in:

“I gave it to Jungle Boy. He’s such an incredible dude. He and his dad and the family came over and we hung out in the ring.”

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Arquette said Peter Avalon was his trainer:

“Yeah he’s just amazing. In the first training session, I puked my guts up. That was just from bumps and being out of shape. He was giving me real wrestling training."

He continued, "In one of my first matches, I cracked my ribs and then I had to do a match with RJ City with cracked ribs. Just coughing or sneezing was painful, never mind taking bumps. I had to get an MRI because it was so painful.”

Arquette said he wanted to do the documentary with WWE:

“I went to them really early on, because I wanted to do it with them, no deathmatches involved. But they were not interested and did not want to do it."

"I had a really bad experience, my fault. I hosted a RAW, they had like the general manager of Raw, and Scream 4 were coming out. I contacted Triple H and was like ‘This could be cool.’ I went out there and I don’t know, I was in a bad place and going through the divorce."

"I went to a nightclub. It was in New Orleans and I ended up staying out all night. My voice had gone. I went out and tried to get heel heat, but I was off script and I’m pretty sure I p*ssed off Vince. I didn’t mean to as I have the utmost respect. But no one smartened me up to not do this. I was thinking it was like a house show, but it was Raw. It was a bad move."

On if he approached AEW:

“That was the upsetting thing with AEW because a lot of the guys in AEW were in the movie. I wanted to do a match or something to promote the movie. They were like no, but I think it was TNT."

"It went through to the publicity department and it was like it costs this much to promote. We were looking to advertise on the shows or something within AEW, but they looked at it as ‘We charge this much to promote something in the ring.’ That was depressing because I knew how much it meant to the guys.”

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