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David Benoit attends WWE show (photo), WWE sends legal threat to small business owner over Raw logo

Here’s a couple of news and notes before Sunday’s Money In The Bank…

David Benoit attended the WWE live event in Edmonton, Canada on Friday. He has been at previous live events as a guest of Natalya and Chris Jericho.

A small business owner, Alistair Rowarth, is calling WWE’s bluff regarding the logo of his business. WWE took action because the logo (RAW Motors) looks a lot like the previous Raw logo.

Instead of backing off, the business owner said the following: “I will fight them for it – they can send anyone they like,” said Rowarth. “I would need some steps to get into the ring as I’ve not been in the gym for about two years. I would call myself Mad Jack McMahon or Kung Fu Panda. I have never followed wrestling, I used to box, but I used to get mistaken as wrestler Bautista. I will probably get battered but I will wear the best outfit.”

WWE is obviously not going to take him up on that. They issued the following response: “This kind of flippant response as set out is extremely disappointing and not constructive. You and your client should understand the importance of intellectual property rights but making an offer such as this appears to demonstrate otherwise and suggests a lack of respect in contrast to that which our client has accorded to yours. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, raised a legitimate complaint regarding your client’s adoption of the Logo and a response of this kind clearly indicates that your client is not taking it seriously.”

The business owner said that the logo looking like the WWE Raw logo is just a coincidence. Check out the logos below and judge for yourself.

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