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DDP explains what he thinks WWE needs to change about Drew McIntyre’s booking

WWE Hall of Famer DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) recently did an interview with SportsKeeda where he spoke about a wide range of topics. 

In this interview, DDP was asked about his previous comments last year where he stated that Drew McIntyre would be the next big star in WWE. 

Many people believe that McIntyre can become that star the company needs right now due to him being a great in-ring wrestler who can also cut good promos. Fans know that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon likes bigger wrestlers, which McIntyre fits perfectly. 

However, McIntyre has yet to reach being a top champion in the company whether that be the Universal or WWE Champion. 

DDP thinks he knows the missing piece with McIntyre that could put him over the hill to reach that status. He believes that the company needs to have him be himself of portraying a “psychopath” character. 

Here is what DDP said:

“I think they just have to let him be himself, you know? With WWE, it’s a lot of stories. Guys have different stories that they have to live out. Like, I never saw him as a psychopath. Do you know what I mean? A warrior? Okay, but psychopath? I never saw that.

You know, so, I think that, in the big picture, they’ve just got to let him be himself, and sometimes it takes time.

Look at Stone Cold Steve Austin. When he came in, when he was the Ringmaster, and he was working with Ted DiBiase, he was the same wrestler. He just wasn’t the same guy. They had to let Steve be Steve, and eventually they did. And we know what happened.”


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