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Dean Ambrose: "I'm the guy who's the work-horse on the road"



Dean Ambrose was recently a guest on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling to promote WrestleMania 32. Here are the highlights.

On working with Terry Funk:

"Yes, it was very cool. Terry Funk is a legend and he's a real pro wrestler, one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever. For a guy walking into WWE today, he probably had no idea what was going on and was like what is all this crap? But that red light goes on, he just becomes Terry Funk. He's Terry Funk 24/7 and that's what I love about him. He's been the real deal, his whole life. He can talk circles around anyone in the freakin' company today so, just to have a real outlaw cowboy in the room for five minutes was great. I said to all the camera guys, you see that? That's how it's done. That's the real

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On his character:

"I'm not trying very hard at all. I'm just going out there and doing what I do. It's just where the chips fall. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But sometimes the whole world just falls apart around me and the only thing still standing is Dean Ambrose. The company would fall apart without me. I'm the guy who's the work-horse on the road, there are other guys too. I'm doing 300 days a year, main-eventing Raw, main-eventing SmackDown, I'm constantly in a state of readiness, I'm just constantly throwing punches, I'm constantly getting beat up, I'm constantly getting thrown around, I'm constantly against the most ridiculous litany of opponents in Braun Strowman to Dolph Ziggler to Kevin Owens to whoever in tags, singles, triple threats, whatever. I do it all. Even though I'm a thousand times better of a wrestler after being here at this level for three years, I came in ready to adapt to anything. Just as the river has flown in many different directions, I've just constantly been able to survive and thrive in any situation."

You can listen to the entire interview here.