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Dean Ambrose vs. Nia Jax: is WWE bringing back intergender wrestling?


Following his loss to Seth Rollins on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose sat in a chair in the ring and said that he had something to say to the fans.

Ambrose was interrupted by Nia Jax and referees broke things up as Jax knocked Ambrose out of the ring.

Jax eliminated Mustafa Ali and got into with Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton in the Men's Royal Rumble match on Sunday. It certainly looks like WWE is looking to book more man vs. woman matches, similar to how they did during the Attitude Era. Perhaps, this is what WWE thinks will help increase ratings as they get ready to start their new TV deals with NBCUniversal and FOX this Fall.

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Clearly, there's been a change in the creative philosophy in recent weeks. A couple of weeks ago, they aired a segment with a production crew member accidentally walking in on Alexa Bliss while she was topless and they've pushed the PG limits with Mandy Rose in a towel teasing that she would break up the marriage between Jimmy Uso and Naomi.