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Demolition Ax gives the latest on his condition after COVID-19 diagnosis



Bill Eadie, best known as Demolition Ax and The Masked Superstar, was dealing with COVID-19 symptoms as he tested positive for the virus earlier this month.

The news was shared by Marty D’Amato on Facebook. 

The pro wrestling veteran provided an update during an interview with ’80s Wrestling: The Podcast. He thanked the fans for their support to start things off.

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“I still have a residue dry cough, but I got some medication, and about three days into it, I felt 1000% better.”

He continued by noting that he had aches and pains, which he would normally have, but these were an exception.

“I had a dry cough, which I still have. I didn’t have any loss of taste or smell, anything like that. My wife had dizzy spells and aches and pains, my grandson had nasal congestion, so everybody was different. I took some Mucinex and got some medication through a doctor. Thank God we weren’t allowed to take the vaccine because we tested positive, you can’t take that for a period of time. It was a tough 4-5 days.”

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the player below: