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Demolition on The New Day breaking their title record, possible induction into WWE Hall of Fame, more



Demolition’s Ax and Smash recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about The New Day surpassing them as the longest-ever reigning WWE Tag Team Champions and more. During the interview, the tag team was asked if they would share a ring with The New Day. “We’d take all three of ‘em on!” shouted Ax.“We’d still get in the ring with New Day,” said Smash, laughing. “We’d win, even right now.”

Regarding The New Day breaking their record, Ax said that he has heard of the New Day and hopes that they continue to do great things in pro wrestling. Ax added that records are meant to be broken, and they knew that because someone eventually had to beat the record. He noted that he is happy for them and that they’re an exciting tag team.

Both Ax and Smash are part of a concussion lawsuit against WWE and when asked if they think the lawsuit is preventing their induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Ax said that he has no idea if that is the case as he had no communication with the WWE and has no control over the Hall of Fame. “If it was based on careers, we should be there. Whether we get asked or not, we don’t know.” Smash said that it would be a real honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame but thinks that there are a lot of wrestlers who should be in but aren’t. He noted that it would be a big deal, but they may never be inducted because there may be some heat on them. “We haven’t spoken with anyone in the office for years. They realize we’re not going to be the ones to make the first call,” Ax said.

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You can read the full interview here.