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Deonna Purrazzo addresses Vince McMahon being upset with Steve Cutler for attending party before getting COVID-19



On Friday, there was a story about what led to Steve Cutler being released by WWE earlier this week. Deonna Purrazzo confirmed that she and Cutler tested positive for COVID-19 in January.

It was later reported by Fightful that Cutler was let go because he tested positive and Dave Meltzer noted the release was because of a disciplinary reason as Vince McMahon was livid with him.

The belief is the release had to do with him attending a New Year’s Eve party with other wrestlers. Then Cutler tested positive soon after the party. It was noted that McMahon had promised a few wrestlers including Roman Reigns that there would be a safe environment. However, when Cutler was around the talent after the party, he was fired on the day that there was a class at the Performance Center.

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Purrazzo took to Twitter to address this report and set the record straight by writing the following:

“We attended a NYE party, like dozens of other people. When Steve tested positive prior to SD, he was sent home and immediately started quarantine. He was NOT at work while being positive. Stop misconstruing the truth for clickbait.”