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Deonna Purrazzo on her time in WWE: “The more I would ask questions, the more I got backlash for it”

Chris Van Vliet interviewed Deonna Purrazzo this week for his YouTube channel. Purrazzo talks about her Impact debut, WWE release, issues in NXT, The Virtuosa, dream opponents and more.

Deonna’s thoughts on originally signing with WWE NXT: “I grew up wanting to be a WWE Superstar. I grew up wanting to be on Raw or SmackDown. When they finally said we want you, I had done so much up until that point and I was told no. So, if it was definitely like, if this is it, I need to try. I need to take this opportunity and hope it works out. I thought I would love to work here for 10 years and then be done with wrestling.”

Deonna was asked if she knew when things went south: “Obviously coming in, I was put on TV right away. I had a match with Bianca. The next week I had a tag match and then there was the Mae Young (Classic). I went to the quarter finals. Then, nothing happened. The more I would ask questions, the more I got backlash for it. I’m like, I want to go to the next level. I need the critique that will get me to be a TV star. If I’m not getting that, what is the point of me being here. The more I asked questions, the more I was pushed to the back of the line, like she is a problem. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and then it was taken out on the longer I was held off TV. I kept being told I’m not TV ready and we don’t understand your character. I told them, ok, here is what I think this character is. It was never received well. I had vignettes filmed and they said we don’t understand what the Virtuosa is. I got to the point that I said Virtuosa is literally in the dictionary and your dumb if you don’t understand what it is. It’s not that you don’t, you are choosing not to. I just kept pushing them. I can get new gear. I can get new entrance attire. I can ask for new music choices. I can pick new ideas for tag teams or trios, or work on my move set. There was a preconceived notion about me and I couldn’t do anything to change their minds.”

Was the plan to leave NXT at the end of WWE?: “Yes, in my head, I’m thinking this is not working out. I am not benefiting from this. What is the point? I sat down with some people and said, look, I was offered a contract renewal and I turned it down because I was not doing anything creative here. I was killing myself day in and day out training. I now have injuries I did not have before here. I’m not going to resign for 3 years or 5 years. I did not even look at the contract so I don’t know what it was. When they are benefiting from my body and I’m not benefiting financially or on TV or anything. I sat down with some people after that meeting and said, what is in store for me creatively? If there is nothing, then that is fine, but I need someone to be honest with me about it. All I want to do is work. All I have wanted my entire life is work for this company. If I’m going to be invested in it, then I will invest 100% in whatever I am doing. But, if that is not in the cards for me, then someone needs to say it so I can look elsewhere. It came back to me that we have nothing for you and nothing in the future, so keep working hard. I’m like ok, but I have worked hard for almost 8 years up until this point. So many things came to a head and I was not going to accept that anymore. At what point does dignity and self respect overcome your dream job. I wrote the e-mail. I was going to send it when I heard me and Chelsea were going to be on RAW, So, I didn’t send it. We had no idea what we were going to RAW to do. I got to wrestle Asuka. Chelsea got to wrestle Charlotte. We got great reviews. Unfortunately, neither of us got to be on the main roster. She was brought down to be with Robert Stone and I was told I was going to be involved in some storylines and that’s why we were not going back. Then, it became the same cycle. Now, I’m not in a storyline. Now, I’ve lost 4 times this month on TV. It was the same cycle.”

You can check out the full interview in the video below.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Chris Van Vliet with a h/t to for the transcription


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