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Deonna Purrazzo talks Mickie James working Women’s Royal Rumble match, WWE mentioning Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Former Impact Wrestling Women’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo was a guest on The Angle Podcast. The following highlights were sent to us:

On Mickie James entering the 2022 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble:

“Well I’m going to say that being away for the last 2 years is the reason WWE wants to play now, haha. No no! I think that it’s incredible. I think it’s an incredible opportunity for IMPACT to have new eyes on its product and I think WWE doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation for playing with others so the fact that they were willing to do with Mickie and put over IMPACT as a whole and our Knockout’s Championship is important for us. I think that Hard to Kill had even more buzz going in necessarily than we had to begin with because now WWE fans who maybe weren’t familiar with an IMPACT product or maybe haven’t watched IMPACT in years are now willing to tune in and wonder what’s going to happen. It’s a buzz factor. Any buzz is good buzz, right?”

On WWE mentioning IMPACT and its Knockout’s World Championship on WWE TV:

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“From a personal standpoint I was probably as surprised as the fans were because I didn’t know that was going to happen. To hear IMPACT Knockout’s World Champion on WWE TV is something I think no wrestling fan in the history of wrestling could’ve imagine would happen so again it just made our Texas Death match that much more higher stakes and hopefully bring fans over to our product. It’s a whole new playing field for IMPACT Wrestling.”

On 2022 goals and teaming with Chelsea Green to win tag team gold:

“It’s a new year, new goals. The tag team titles have eluded me and the digital media championship has eluded me. I would like to be a triple crown winner and get all the championships. Also, no championship is off limits for the women in IMPACT Wrestling, so that’s exciting too. I would absolutely love to reunite VXT and form a tag team with my best friend and see if we can win the Knockout’s Tag Team.”

On wanting a dream match with Trish Stratus:

“ I think my dream opponent will forever be Trish Stratus. The fact that she came back and wrestle Charlotte a couple of years ago I was like holy crap this is cool is my dream actually possible. Since then, she’s definitely retired, but I think that will always be my dream match.”