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Departing WWE star rumored to be the leader of AEW's Dark Order

Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

The latest Dark Order segment from this week has a lot of people speculating on who might be the person who is leading the group.

Fans have pointed out that the latest video shows a tennis racquet in the background and you can sunglasses that Jim Cornette would wear being thrown at Evil Uso. Cornette being part of the group would be a huge swerve but it seems unlikely that he would participate in this angle, especially when you consider that Cornette has said a lot of negative things about various people in the company.

In the video below, the leader of the group can be heard saying "Wonderful," which is a line that "Broken" Matt Hardy has used. If they stretch this angle out through February, then things would line up perfectly for Matt Hardy's AEW debut.

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As noted earlier, Hardy is expected to leave WWE in a few weeks and his contract is set to expire on March 1st. In regards to Hardy in the Dark Order, Dave Meltzer said the following in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: " Hardy is the leading speculated name for the leader of the Dark Order since they just started teasing a leader and Hardy just started putting out the videos."

It's worth noting that The Young Bucks and Broken Hardys discussed doing a year-long storyline in ROH three years ago but Matt and Jeff got the offer from WWE so their storyline was cut short. Click here for more on the WWE status of Matt and Jeff Hardy.