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Details on a real life fight involving CM Punk & Teddy Hart outside of a restaurant in 2004

There's a story in the recent Wrestling Observer about a fight that CM Punk had shortly before a TNA show on February 25, 2004 with Teddy Hart. The fight happened outside of a restaurant called the White Trash Cafe in Nashville. Punk was working on some TNA shows around this time. The eye witness version of the story comes from Petey Williams. Other people that witnessed it were Chris Sabin, Johnny Devine, Sabu, and Jack Evans. Basically both of them had been going back and forth on the internet. People thought they were working an angle but people that know Punk said that it wasn't the case and Punk did not like Hart. “We’re eating and I saw Teddy and Jack (Evans) walk in there." Reports at the time said that the scuffle happened because of Hart doing three unplanned spots at an ROH show and putting other wrestlers in danger of injury.

Wiliams added, "We turned around and pretty much like Teddy and Punk walked out and it was kind of like, one of them says, `You’ve got a problem?,’ he’s like, `You’ve got a problem?’ There was like one shove. I can’t remember who shoved whose shirt first. Then it was just a couple of quick punches. Teddy got the upper hand. I think like Punk kind of tripped and Teddy kind of tripped over him or something, so he (Punk) was on his ass. Teddy was like punching him, and then Sabu jumped in. This all happened within 20 seconds. Sabu jumped in and kind of tore them apart and as Sabu is trying to tear them apart, Teddy still has Punk’s hair and is trying to kick him in the face.”

Speaking of Teddy Hart, he got into a confrontation with Kurt Angle last month and there is video of it at this link.

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