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Details on interesting WrestleMania 36 rehearsal story involving Vince McMahon and Rob Gronkowski

Various stories have been told by people about how Vince McMahon wouldn’t ask any talent to do something that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself.

Most recently Becky Lynch stated in an interview that she watched McMahon demonstrate falling off a tower at WWE headquarters during the Money in the Bank Ladder matches.

This now includes Rob Gronkowski, who is under contract with WWE but is slated to make his NFL return this year as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sean Ross Sapp has a story up on Fightful Select about how Gronkowski was nervous about doing a spot during WrestleMania 36 involving the WWE 24/7 Title. WWE was doing rehearsals for the show that included this spot.

Just weeks before the news of his NFL return was made, WWE wanted him to do a spot where he would jump off a platform onto a bunch of WWE stars.

To prove to the NFL star that the spot was going to be safe, McMahon did the dive himself during rehearsals to prove it. Apparently, Gronk was “terrified” of the dive but McMahon convinced him that it was safe, which took a significant amount of time to do.

It was also noted that the WWE production team had to make it look as good as possible as Gronk had bent his knees. It was noted by someone in the company that Gronk looked  “like a toddler jumping into the pool for the first time” when he did the dive.

Finally, those who were there saw it and had a reaction of “did that just happen?” McMahon said something to the nature of “not so bad, is it?”

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