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Details on the issues between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon

As announced at WrestleMania, and later in a press release sent out by WWE on Monday, Chris Jericho’s live podcast will air this Monday night after Raw on the WWE Network. He will have John Cena as his guest. Jericho noted on this week’s Talk Is Jericho podcast that this would not be asking hard-hitting questions and it would just be two friends talking and shooting the breeze. Well, there may be a reason why he said this.

Last week we noted that Steve Austin was booked to fly to San José for WrestleMania weekend but stayed at his ranch in Texas instead and watched WrestleMania 31 from home. He did a recap of WrestleMania 31 on his Tuesday podcast with Wade Keller but there was no mention of any friction with WWE. Dave Meltzer reported that there was a falling out, of sorts, between Austin and McMahon. Apparently McMahon was not happy with the Triple H podcast and asked for a change in hosts and picked Jericho. There may be other issues related to the last podcast on the network but the one issue that caused the most controversy was Austin asking Triple H about Chyna being in the Hall of Fame. That caused the chain of events with Chyna resurfacing and doing the interview with Vince Russo where she went into detail about the end of her run with WWE in 2001, her dealings with Stephanie McMahon after she found out that Stephanie and Triple H were dating, and alleging physical abuse by Triple H.

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