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Details on what CM Punk had originally planned for Friday’s wrestling appearance

We had another source reach out to confirm that CM Punk was indeed the masked man who appeared at MKE Wrestling’s “The Last Knight” event on Friday night. Punk was there to have some fun and do a favor for long-time friends Ace Steele and Dave Prazak.

Wrestling Inc. reports that at one point, the plan was for Punk to unmask after hitting the GTS. For some reason, he decided not to take the mask off and he left the building after the GTS. The report also adds that Punk was waiting in his car outside of the building before his appearance.

The event was held less than 10 minutes away from Roufusport where Punk does his MMA training so it was easy for him to make it out to the wrestling show.

For anyone still doubting that it was Punk, check out a photo of him below (on the right) of him taken earlier that day and the photo (on the left) of him at the wrestling show.

It turns out that this was not Punk’s first post-WWE appearance.

Robbie Fox from Barstool Sports noted that Punk has done a few independent shows since 2015. Punk has stated before that he might do some independent appearances but he would be covered up and fans would not know it’s him.


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