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Details on what ended Chris Jericho-MVP friendship

Chris Jericho and MVP had been friends for years, but that is not the case anymore and their issues recently led to a heated confrontation.

As previously reported, MVP confronted Jericho at a hotel in Houston, TX last month where several AEW stars were staying while in town for a Dynamite event. MVP was there to visit Matt Hardy, who was talking with Jericho. They exchanged words and Jericho got on an elevator where before the doors were about to close, he told MVP that he doesn’t fight jobbers. MVP was said to be screaming about it in the lobby.

Fightful Select reported additional details regarding the situation. It was said the confrontation boiled down to social and political issues which were made public on Twitter.

As noted earlier, MVP said last year that he was blocked by Jericho on Twitter and their last interaction was in regards to a Jericho tweet about the 2020 election.

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MVP told Fightful, "there was an exchange, but it didn't go down like that. He added that there are two sides to every story with the truth usually somewhere in the middle.

Jericho said, “nothing else to say. I don’t fight jobbers. Nuff said."

A source that Fightful spoke with indicated that even after the public disagreements on Twitter last year, the two had a private exchange that further distanced the two.

One source from WWE claimed that AEW called WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis about the issue, but that is not confirmed. The source did indicate he didn't seem to care when he learned the situation ended without incident.