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Details on what Rey Mysterio was told by Triple H and Vince McMahon

The situation with Rey Mysterio continues to be on hold. Obviously, Mysterio's appearance at the AAA pay-per-view on Sunday was not cleared by WWE. Eventually, the AAA United States project will eventually feature Alberto Del Rio and Mysterio as their biggest stars...or it appears that way. They would have a strong crew of top guys with those two and Myzteziz (the original Mistico/Sin Cara).

When Mysterio's WWE deal expired the reports were that Mysterio told Triple H that he wasn't interested in renewing and they had a handshake agreement that they would go their separate ways. After that he received a call from Mark Carano. Carano called Mysterio at the behest of Vince McMahon. That's when Mysterio was told that the company would be renewing his contract for another year based on the clause that they have in the contract that allows them to extend a wrestler's deal for "time owed" when a wrestler has to take time off because of an injury. All WWE contracts have that clause but it's not known if they've enforced it in the past.

Another issue is that Mysterio has not returned yet to fulfill his year on the active roster so who knows if they'll try to keep him longer when his deal expires next year. The company has yet to comment on Mysterio appearing in the video during the AAA pay-per-view.

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