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Details on WWE's latest inside rib on Jim Ross

Last week when the announcers were plugging Steve Austin's podcast it was mentioned that Jerry Lawler has been a guest and he's someone who doesn't do many podcasts. That line was meant to be a rib on Jim Ross since Lawler hasn't been on Ross' show. WWE doesn't allow anyone to do Ross' show or anyone's podcast unless it's something they set up. The only exceptions are Steve Austin and Chris Jericho's podcasts.

Speaking of Lawler, he got some publicity in the Memphis Flyer for owning one of the original batmobiles from the 1966 "Batman" TV show starring Adam West. Lawler once did a show in the 70s where he confronted Adam West on the Memphis wrestling TV show. Lawler was Super King and West was in the Batman character. There were 12 batmobiles made in 1966 and Lawler purchased one of them in 2013.

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