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Details on WWE's plans for a women's tournament on the WWE Network

Joe Capristo

Joe Capristo

We noted several months ago (via the Wrestling Observer newsletter) that WWE had plans to do a women's tournament, similar to the Cruiserweight Classic that aired on the WWE Network. Well, if you were one of those people hoping to see such a tournament then you are in luck because WWE has already begun reaching out to female talents around the world.

As of now, the plan is to start taping in early 2017. Some women were told that they'd start taping in January but others were told that they needed to be ready by March. It could be that they plan on taping some first round matches in January and the other group of women won't be needed at that time. Either way, it looks like the tournament is happening.

Some of the women contacted have international commitments so they would have to change their booking schedule if they want to be in the tournament. Just like the Cruiserweight Classic, the yet-to-be-named women's tournament will also air on the WWE Network. Hopefully, they reach out to names like Tessa Blanchard and Santana Garrett. Both of them have appeared on NXT TV to put over contracted talent.

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